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We’re Just Two Stand-Up Guys From Detroit.

As two excessively impulsive adventurers, we immediately knew that paddleboarding was our jam from the very first time we stood up on one. (Not together. We each had our own.)

Before 2012 all boards sold in Michigan were made for oceans. It was then that we had the brilliant idea to start Green Veil- aka the revolution- much like Prince.  From there, the questions came flooding in. What kind of board would be better? How can I be faster than you? What would it take for me to hold the paddleboarding crown between the two of us? And can I have a trophy made?

The answer? Create our own customized boards. Of course, then it became about craftsmanship, quality, accessibility and awareness for the sport overall- things we continue to discuss and improve upon every day.

Our goal? Produce a fleet of high-quality lake-and-river ready SUPs for adventurous, water-loving Midwesterners and their counterparts in other areas of the world.  Our boards are also suitable for the modern-day Viking funeral. (We feel that speaks to durability)

Oh, Our Name.

Our name ties to the Northern Lights, something we’ve seen over the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We thought paddleboarding on the Great Lakes under the Northern Lights might be the equivalent to a 10 year old scoring the game winning touchdown against the Buckeyes in the Big House. Best. Possible. Experience. Ever.