Paddleboards Are Our Business, And Our Passion.

Four out of five of our family members recommend our boards. (We don’t really speak to one out of five of our family members so, there’s that.)

More important to you, all of our boards have been custom-shaped and manufactured by us—paddleboarders—not surfers. Our shapes are specific to paddleboarding on lakes ‘great’ and small, rivers and other flat bodies of water. Here comes the boring part, if you can “stand it”:

“Our boards have been designed and tested using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Our proprietary technology offers better hydrodynamics, higher than average buoyancy rates, and a flatter wider surface area creating increased stability and improved quality of ride for the paddler.”

Whew. If you’re still here, let us summarize: Less drag + Less weight = A more ‘fluid’ experience…on water. Which is as it should be.

About Our Boards.


All-Purpose Boards  

If fun is the goal, the All-PurpoIMG_0179se Boards have you covered! They are the perfect mix of durability, light weight and value. Whether you are out for a quick tour, taking a SUP yoga class or heading to the sandbar, our All-Purpose Boards can accommodate you, and a cooler of beer.

We know, Green Veil All-Purpose boards already sound great, but if you’re looking to know more:

The All-Purpose Paddleboard is available in 3 lengths:  Eleven, ElevenSIX, and TwelveTWO.  These boards are made out of EPS foam surrounded with multiple layers of epoxy and fiberglass making them long-lasting and extremely durable.

Our boards look different because they are different.  Custom designed to Stand Up To Ordinary, the thick nose allows you to easily shed water in choppy conditions. Unlike most paddleboards you’ve seen; our rocker begins near the tail and the nose, instead of in the middle of board. This is one of the many differences between our boards and the other “surf style” designs.

Altering the center rocker results in a wide flat stable base for the board.  This small attention to detail results in a more stable and comfortable ride.  It also increases the surface area in contact with the water which provides exceptional glide and efficiency in flat water.  What more could you ask for?  Well…we think the custom graphics and long-lasting high gloss finish don’t hurt either.

Don’t forget, a 100% carbon fiber paddle, fin and leash are all included!  Plus, we deliver, for FREE, within 100 miles of Royal Oak, MI!

Get your hands and feet on this limited quantity SUP today! Shop Now.

All Green Veil Outdoor Paddle Boards include free shipping within 100 miles of Royal Oak, MI!


Touring Board IMG_0384

Introducing Green Veil’s innovative displacement-hull Touring Board.  The custom one-of-a-kind nose design is what makes this board stand out from all others in the crowd.

The nose has a deep plunge, keeping you in contact with the water’s surface through waves and chop to promote tracking (paddling straighter) and also retain momentum. The shape is intended to cut through the water, producing less wake and decreasing drag. The dropped deck  brings you closer to the surface, giving you added stability. This board also features a larger tail rocker, which means that you can pivot turn on a dime while competing in your local buoyed race course.

The TwelveSIX Touring Board is meant for those who have paddled a time or ten.  The board is constructed of EPS Foam wrapped in a carbon fiber and fiberglass-combined construction to cut weight while retaining durability.  The entire board is wrapped in a shell consisting of multiple layers of carbon fiber.  Made to go the distance, this board is fast, lightweight, and a ton of fun to ride.  This limited run of high tech paddleboards will sell out fast!!

Every time you hit the fresh water you’ll Stand Up to Ordinary on our limited custom designed Touring paddleboard. It is very handsomely finished with custom graphics, a matte finish and comes with a 100% carbon fiber paddle, a larger 10” fin, and leash.

Like the All-Purpose Boards, we have a limited quantity so Shop Now!

All Green Veil Outdoor Paddle Boards include free shipping within 100 miles of Royal Oak, MI!


Youth Board IMG_0406

Make it a family activity with our children’s paddleboards! Just like the All-Purpose— only smaller—plus we’ve added extra carbon wrapping around the rails, nose and tail of our kid’s boards to increase protection against paddle strikes and other incidental bumps and bruises.  This eight foot board is both shorter and narrower making it lightweight and easy to lift for smaller paddlers.

All of our youth paddleboards come with a leash, fin and a 100% carbon fiber custom-cut adjustable paddle, allowing your kids to grow with the board. Be warned—this greatly lengthens their timeframe to demand family paddling-time.

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All Green Veil Outdoor Paddle Boards include free shipping within 100 miles of Royal Oak, MI!


Inflatables Paddleboards


Are you spontaneously inclined to paddle at a moment’s notice? Or have no room to store or transport a large SUP board? Then our  Inflatable paddleboards are made for you! An Inflatable paddleboard comes with a carrying bag (think large back pack), 3 piece paddle, two stage pump with pressure gauge, emergency repair kit, and a deck top cargo strap . They are also extraordinarily durable, firm with a max air pressure of 25 PSI and when in conditions where fiberglass or carbon fiber may dent or scratch, our Inflatable Paddle Boards will come out unscathed!

Our inflatables are made with a durable high density PVC layer backed with an internal drop stitch construction built for maximum compression while retaining its shape. The compression center stringer keeps the board rigid for maximum performance. The board’s seams are sealed with anti-torsion bands for compression and tension.

Available in two sizes, the ElevenSIX and TwelveSIX, each inflatable paddleboard package comes with a three piece adjustable paddle, two-stage pump with pressure gage, fin, leash, deck-top cargo strap and emergency repair kit. And if someone steals your spot to nap, our inflatables make a very fashionable impromptu replacement bed.

Like the rest these are a limited quantity SUP. Shop Now.

All Green Veil Outdoor Paddle Boards include free shipping within 100 miles of Royal Oak, MI!

We’re Also The Total Package.

Unlike other paddleboard companies, we believe that all paddleboards should come with the equipment needed to…well, paddle board. Each of our SUP boards comes with a fixed or adjustable 100% carbon fiber paddle, leash and fin. Our inflatables feature a 3-piece paddle and also come with a carrying bag and two stage pump. It’s like we want you to get out there and start paddling today! Wait – yeah, we totally do.

Warranty Info.

All boards come with a one year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.  Not that you will need it.