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Who on Earth (specifically Michigan) is GREEN VEIL OUTDOOR?


Green Veil Outdoor is the best-kept secret in high-quality and affordable paddleboard packages. We are crazy outdoor-adventure scientists that produce annual, limited-quantity custom Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) specifically for the Great Lakes, inland lakes, rivers and other bodies of flat water.

Designed and produced by us right here in Metro Detroit, Michigan, since 2012, our proprietary board shapes are exclusive to Green Veil Outdoor and are engineered with the most cutting-edge technology available to the Naval Architecture and hydrodynamics fields. (See, we told you we were scientists.)

Not sure what this means? It means that we do not produce just another ordinary board; we create boards that are made for the way you intend to use them. Our boards make you Stand Up To Ordinary by arrogantly defying the surf style boards everyone else makes. Surf boards surf, Green Veil board’s are for the casual sunset paddle, all-day adventure, distance trek, and fitness workout (Oh yeah, and they surf too.)

Our Boards.

Want more? Our boards are intended for beginner-to-advanced paddlers.  Each board has multiple layers of protection, making it extremely durable and highly guarded to paddle strikes and incidental run-ins with ornery snapping turtles.

Our SUP lineup includes All-Purpose, Touring, Inflatable and Youth paddleboards plus everything you’ll need to get started paddling day one.  The only thing you’ll have to supply is the adventure…. and, maybe some SPF sunscreen.

Extensive research and high-fives tell us that Green Veil Outdoor riders explore incredible paddleboarding adventures, like those offered by the Great Lakes, inland lakes and rivers found between the coasts. We offer the boards and equipment needed to do just that, all starting at just $849.00 with free delivery within 100 miles of Royal Oak, MI.